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Why is Webster Technique used in pregnancy care?

Webster Technique is one of the most beneficial treatments used to treat pregnant women. A growing fetus can put added stress and strain on the pelvis and surrounding ligaments. This diversified technique improves pelvic function, and can alleviate low back discomfort by aligning the sacrum and the rest of the spine.

What is Webster Technique?

Webster Technique is a gentle adjustment used to diminish or eliminate joint dysfunction and/or subluxation in the pelvis and sacrum. 

How does Webster Technique work?

Webster Technique focuses on the sacrum, hips and ligaments that may be pulling, twisting, or weighing down the uterus. The goal of this technique is to improve pelvic function and balance. When the pelvis is properly aligned, baby has more room to descend into the optimal fetal position left occiput anterior (LOA).