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We provide Pediatric Chiropractic services

Pediatric care begins when the child is still in the womb with the mom getting checked for pelvic imbalances throughout her pregnancy by a chiropractor. This is a simple beginning to a child’s road to a healthy life. Throughout the developmental changes of childhood, children often experience many different stressors, whether it’s chemical, physical or emotional. Before the age of two, infants will experience hundreds of falls as they learn to sit, crawl and eventually walk. Having a child’s spine checked for alignment throughout every milestone is important to promote growth and development.

The adjustment is extremely gentle 

When it comes to the adjustment of an infant, it is very different than an adjustment of an adult that usually results in a “popping” sound. Instead, infants receive a light and gentle pressure to restore alignment and remove stress from the body. The pressure used on an infant can be compared to causing a tomato to dimple with a fingertip.