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Mobile Clinic

Dr. Stephanie understands the rush and chaos of motherhood which seems to multiply with the more children you have. Running a household and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a real chore. Dr. Stephanie believes that obtaining quality and professional healthcare should be easily accessible and exceptionally comfortable. This is why she has developed her mobile clinic that is easily set up in the comfort of your own home. Bringing the doctor’s office to your living room, kitchen, or playpen eliminates one more errand, one more stressor, and one more chore for each of Dr. Stephanie’s patients (and their children!).
The mobile clinic simply consists of Dr. Stephanie’s portable chiropractic table and her physician’s bag. The chiropractic table is made with easily interchangeable pieces custom to fit multiple body types for the pre- and post-natal mother. The table is also safe and sturdy for the child and their mother. Dr. Stephanie’s physician bag is equipped with everything she’ll need to provide for her patient.

  • Soft tissue and muscle relaxation gel
  • Soft tissue manipulation instrument (See Graston Therapy)
  • Kinesiology and postural tape (See Rock Tape)
  • Pregnancy Pillow
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • BP Monitor
  • Thermometer
  • Physical Exam Kit



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