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Mar 2015
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Pelvic pain can occur over the course of your pregnancy, during labor or even after delivery. It is very common for moms to struggle with pelvic pain, feeling helpless and unsure...

  People often ask me how to prevent labor dystocia, which is the slowing down, stalling, or stopping of active labor. Dystocia accounts for nearly two-thirds of all c-sections. (And given...

Oct 2014
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Seattle Pediatric Chiropractic (SPC) had an amazing time this weekend sharing chiropractic with pregnant moms and their families at the NW Baby Shower in Bellevue, WA! At the event, SPC received...

Sep 2014
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Getting back into the swing of things can always be an exciting challenge, so here are a few great tips to keep in mind!  1) Get a Good Night’s Rest With...

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