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NW Baby Shower

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Seattle Pediatric Chiropractic (SPC) had an amazing time this weekend sharing chiropractic with pregnant moms and their families at the NW Baby Shower in Bellevue, WA! At the event, SPC received several frequently asked questions, Dr. Stephanie decided to address these publicly in this blog!


What does “mobile” chiropractic mean?

Dr. Stephanie: Mobile means I will drive to you and your family, so you don’t have to leave your home or drag your kids to the doctor’s office. My portable chiropractic table and doctor’s bag (including kinesiotape, foam roll, etc.) is all I need. SPC brings affordable and accessible conservative care to the comfort of your own home, checking one more thing off your list of things to do!


Is chiropractic care safe for infants?

Dr. S: Chiropractic care for infants is safe and is a very different adjustment than that of an adult. An infant adjustment is a gentle, sustained pressure used to remove stress from the child’s muscles and joints and align their spine. Infants respond extremely well to this type of care.


At what age should my newborn get checked?

Dr. S: I recommend having newborns checked within the first month of life. Birth can be a very strenuous event on you and the baby.


How many times does my infant have to be seen?

Dr. S: This is always a challenging question to answer but here are my recommendations:

-A newborn should be checked within the first month of life.

-At every very major milestone such as learning to hold their head up, crawling, or walking, your child should be checked.

-When working with a specific musculoskeletal condition more visits and frequency of treatment may be needed.

-The frequency will also vary on the overall health of the child.Many parents have their children checked on a regular schedule to ensure their child is on the road to optimal growth and development.

-Many parents have their children checked on a regular schedule to ensure their child is on the road to optimal growth and development.


Pregnant mom: Will chiropractic help my low back discomfort?

Dr. S:  In most cases pregnant women under chiropractic care obtain great relief from back pain and discomfort. I use Webster Technique, which is a safe, effective and gentle adjustment to align the pelvis. With the pelvis aligned, it allows optimal room for the baby to grow and develop as well as minimize stress on the mother’s lumbopelvic region.


Pregnant mom: How are taping applications beneficial during pregnancy?

Dr. S: Kinesiology taping can be very beneficial during pregnancy for postural support and pain relief. I use Rocktape to complement my soft tissue and musculoskeletal treatments in order to provide additional relief to neck, mid back, and low back pain.

Dr. Stephanie Coleman, DC
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